Saturday, March 9, 2013

Leaders Who Suffered From Mental Illness

I've always said that people with mental illness have a perspective unlike that of healthy people. My highs are much higher than a healthy person's, because my lows are beyond bad. I have a deep appreciation of life, simple things, contentment, and having a clear mind. I believe, as well, I have a deeper compassion for the suffering of others because I have suffered. One psychiatrist aptly described my existence during a severe depressive episode as "torture on a daily basis, unbearable at best" and a friend said that I "was breathing, had a heart beat, that is all". So naturally good days for me are fabulous!!! This article is a wonderful example of what was mentioned previously as well as demonstrates that mental illness does not mean one cannot contribute to the world in a profound and positive manner as was the case with these political leaders.They kinda make me proud to have mental illness :)


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